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Sakaue, Kiuchi and Kawazoe Japan Champions...
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A difficult day at the Argentine Championship ...
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T-shirt sailing at the first Argentine Championship raci...
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The Trophée d’Automne of the CVA - Another be...
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Friendship Cup the last Brazilian race before the Worlds...
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Donald Cohan's obituary ...
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Date 2018-9-27 Venue Country ISA RK NOR Result
North American Championship  
 Sept 27 to 30   RStLYC, Montreal CAN  1.5
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 Sept 28 to 30   VsAW, Berlin GER    -
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Buenos Aires Week  
 September 28 & 29   YCA, Darsena ARG  0.8 -
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State Championship  
 Octubre 13 & 14   VDS, Porto Alegre BRA  1 -
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Fall Soling Bowl  
 October 20 to 21   SSA, Annapolis USA   
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Hispanidad Cup  
 October 20 & 21   RCNM, Embalse, Madrid ESP    -
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Trophee d Automne  
 October 27 & 28   CVA, Angers FRA  0.8
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Amizade Cup  
 October 27 & 28   VDS, Porto Alegre BRA    -
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Argentine Championship  
 Noviembre 4,5 & 10,11   CNSI, San Isidro ARG  1.2
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Japan Nationals  
 November 4 to 5   Lake Suwa JPN  1.2 -
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Trofeo Capitan de Flota  
 November 10 & 11   RYCM, Madrid ESP    - -
World Championship  
 November 15 to 22   CNSI, Buenos Aires ARG  2
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Botterletter Kralingen Regatta  
 December 1 & 2   RZV, Rotterdam NED    - -
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Friday  November  16 of 2018