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period from 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2019

Elected Members

by the AGM for three year period.

Stephen T. Bobo     
Karl Haist     
Peter Hall     
Nelson Horn Ilha     
Dominik Meissner     
Michele Tognozzi     
Han van Veen     
Sandor Varjas     
Gustavo Federico Warburg     
Martin Zeileis     

Appointed Members

by their National Soling Associations for one year period.

David Baum     
Ludwig Beurle     
Alejandro Chometowski     
Theo de Lange     
Michael Dietzel     
Ivan Fitz-Gerald     
Francois Gombeaud     
Haakon Haraldsen     
Gabor Helmhout     
Mogens Joergensen     
Manfred Jr Kanter     
Roman Koch     
Tomas Peuvrel     
Marcos Pinto Ribeiro     
Ekkehart Steinhuber     
Henry Thomas     
Paul Tully     
Kristof Wossala     

Honorary President

H.M.King Harald of Norway     

Honorary Members

H.M. King Constantine     
Don Felipe SAR De Borbon     

Executive Committee

Michael Dietzel      (President)
Peter Hall      (Vice President Administration)
Gabor Helmhout      (Vice President)
Nelson Horn Ilha      (Vice President)

Technical Committee

Bill Abbott      (Builder)
Anders Borresen      (Builder)
Laszlo Hegymegi      (Chief Measurer)
Manfred Jr Kanter      (Chairman)
Jean-Pierre Marmier     
Bram Soethoudt      (Builder)

Championship Committee

Florian Felzmann     
Peter Hall      (Chairman)
Gabor Helmhout     
Tom Mitchell     

Nomination Committee

Ludwig Beurle     
Karl Haist      (Chairman)
Charles Q. Kamps     
George Wossala     

Communications Committee

Hannes Ramoser      (Chairman)

Consulting Editor

David Baum     


Susanne Kueffer     


Matias Collins     

Life Members

Karl Haist     
Barry Hayes     
Rose A. Hoeksema     
Hamish Loudon      (Life Member)
Jean-Pierre Marmier     
Dinny Reed     
George Wossala