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2019 ISA Meetings Agenda released

The 51st Annual General Meeting & 81st Committee Meeting of the International Soling Association will be held at YCLB, La Baule, France, 23 & 24 September of 2019 after the Worlds races from 1730-1930 hs.
Find the agenda at the link.
Looking forward to see you at La Baule.
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DEN 128 holds the Scandinavian event

written by Matias Collins  on  September 9  of  2019 and read by 132

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Mogens, Kim and Flemming on their preparation to sail the World Championship in 15 days at La Baule, France conquer the 2019 Scandinavian trophy sailed out of Tønsberg Seilforening.
They had an impressive result winning 7 races and discarding a second and the race they didn't sail.

Once more the event was on the table and 6 Norwegian boats in addition to the Danish team joined during the weekend. Amongst the locals it was NOR 151 with Ingberg, Johanson and Knutsen the ones to have the best performance winning 3 races and adding to their totals second places while discarding a 5th and a second.

It was a weekend in the fjord that on Saturday the wind had constant changes but the rain keept quite constant. Therefore, the mistakes and tactical maneuver where the ones responsible for the gains and losses of each team. The after race had a nice dinner with lots of food and many histories.
On Sunday the rain left the race course, leaving a 15-17 knots of wind and the last 5 races were held.

Maybe after this event a Norwegian team gets enthusiastic and attend the Worlds as Norway and Slovenia are the only European countries with Soling teams missing at the event.

Complete Results

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The fleet group picture

The fleet group picture

The podium DEN 128, NOR 151 and NOR 150

The podium DEN 128, NOR 151 and NOR 150

Old style at the events

Old style at the events

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