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Copa Internacional Amizade 2019 - video release

written by Matias Collins  on  August 29  of  2019 and read by 295

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International Amizade Cup 2019 Video Thumbnail at Youtube

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After the great success of the first league concept event held over Brazilian waters hosted by the Veleiros do Sul Yacht Club in Porto Alegre; The Brazilian Soling and sailing authorities are now discussing the best dates to attract more international sailors and provide an event of excellence, technical by nature, exhausting by format and all possible due to the generosity of the current Soling owners in town.

The VDS always in the sailing vanguard and don't hesitate jumping in such an enterprises, reason the club is now amongst the best ones for competitive sailing in Brazil, providing sailors for the olympic program, and also in all other classes.

This week the Brazilian Soling Association in partnership with "Andes Imagem em Movimento" released the final video versions of the event in two possibilities, including and not including the interviews that are in portuguese and portuñol.

Short version:

Long version (with interview)

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