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AUT 7 keeps the Zipfer Trophy after a day without wind in the Attersee

written by Matias Collins  on  August 26  of  2019 and read by 121

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It was early but many sailors were already eager waiting for the Weiss Würst to then hoist the sails and start the last two races of the Zipfer Trophy. Unfortunately, clouds at the mountains prevented from developing the thermal breeze, and sailors had no option than eat, swim and drink beer at the Zipfer post.

At 1400hs the limit for the last start prize giving started crowning AUT 7 with Florian Felzmann, Margund Schuh and Michael Felzmann, with almost all trophies, as they won the Zipfer, the upper Austria one and also Austria-Hungary Empire trophy, leaving only free the Hungarian Champion trophy presented for the third place HUN 1 with Sandor Varjas, Laszlo Kovasci and Gabor Meretei. AT the Zipfer team UNIOR UKR 1 with Igor Yushko, Sergey Pichuguin and Sergey Ivansits finished in second winning the tie over the Hungarian champion.

The UYCAS and Zipfer greeted all 10 women sailing the event this year with a nice gift (tea and a book). Besides that the Austrian Soling association is proud to have fresh blood sailng the Soling and the event from ages 15 to 28 the new competitors where at AUT 43, and AUT 97 and the number increases in other grown teams where a young man help them out in the water and learn drinking lessons later on at the Zipfer bar.

A big thanks to the Race Committee leaded by Gert Schmidleitner and the land crew at the office leaded by Franziska Arnfelser. The Zipfer bar girls deserve a special mention, as they have been pooring beers, from 0830 in the morning till 1130 pm … And off course Ludwig Beurle the ‘inventor' of the event the Soling Lover behind the scenes and the UYCAs.

The next event in Europe, will be the Scandinavian Cup and then it comes the event of the year with already 40 entries (one missing to do the online entry but with the fees already paid). The World Championship at La Baule, France where only three of the past 18 years World champions will miss the event.

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<br />@ Irene Schanda

@ Irene Schanda

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Matias Collins

August  26 of 2019