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Fantastic sailing at Zipfer Trophy

written by Matias Collins  on  August 24  of  2019 and read by 462

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The Start at the Zipfer
@ Irene Schanda

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Again the forecast proved to be wrong, the Zipfer Trophy organization managed to run another three races in a decreasing wind over the day from 13 to 6 knots all around the day, even shortening the last race at the upwind fearing a wind bailout.

Team AUT 7 the local lake heroes with Florian Felzmann, Margund Schuh and Michael Felzmann were the best overall taking the championship lead out from team UNIOR UKR 1 with Igor Yushko, Sergey Pichuguin and Sergey Ivansits.

Teams waited one hour for the wind to come in the morning after the brunch time with ‘leberkäse' and beers but then when they were out there was hiking moments and for an entire race the bowman was always down enjoying the nice blue waters of the lake.
This race was won by team HUN 1 Sandor Varjas, Laszlo Kovasci and Gabor Meretei followed close by team Baumüller Marine Solutions USA 853 with Matias Collins, Andreas Baumüller and Federico Campagnoni and in third came AUT 7

The second race already with a wind more from the left and a bit ligther had team UNIOR UKR 1 taking their daily bullet followed by team HUN 77 with George Wossala, Christoph Wossala and Gabor Kylcjar and in third GER 308 Karl Haist, Martin Zeileis and Irene Haist.

The third race of the day shortened a the upwind saw an impressive wind decrease, and HUN 1 took the advantage and their second bullet followed by AUT 7 and the class president GER 11 Michael Dietzel, Vera Geck and Arthur Thuringer.

The afternoon was poored by beer and some lake swims, while some were in preparation for the Gala Dinner offered by the UYCAs later tonight.

Tomorrow the remaining races of the championship are scheduled for 1100 am. Forecast looks bad again, but first probably some Weiss Würst as brunch before going out for a nice sail.

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