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Three races in at the Zipfer Trophy despite the bad weather forecast.

written by Matias Collins  on  August 24  of  2019 and read by 117

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The leeward rounding mark
@ Irene Schanda

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The experienced Gert Schmidleitner this Friday under the clouds and a weird NorthEast wind condition from 5 to 10 knots managed first to complete a short race with only two laps, then a second without the shortening but lighter wind and again a shorter race for the third one of the day.

28 teams from 6 different countries joined the Zipfer Trophy organized by the traditional UYCAs at the Attersee lake in Austria. Event well known in the class for the excess of hydration and food, while the bar is open a day earlier than the opening providing beer of excellence, and derivates, attended by the three gorgeous girls from the SCK.

Yesterday the first day, the opening was accompanied by a Pizza Brunch just an hour before the races, since sailing to the race course it takes you a really short time not more than 10 min. Teams were quickly in the water asap the wind was stablished, the 9 UYCAs members volunteers at the race committee quickly setup the race course, a professional work done using video, and drone to watch the starts and the rounding marks.

The first race the left side of the course was favored and team UNIOR UKR 1 with Igor Yushko, Sergey Pichuguin and Sergey Ivansits took their bullet followed by the local lake hero AUT 7 Florian Felzmann, Margund Schuh and Michael Felzmann and in third team KWINDOO GER 1 with Roman Koch, Markus Ostemair and Anna Wollkopf.

The second race both ends paid, a good start was the key of success since the wind up and downs complicated life for most of the sailors, many falling into holes watching others sailing in much better conditions. This time the bullet went to the SCK with local team AUT 127 Alexander Hasch, Berndhard Kreutzer and Oskar Hasch in second came class president GER 11 with Michael Dietzel, Vera Geck and Arthur Thurlinger and in third team UNIOR UKR 1.

The third race was much more similar to the first where the left side was better and wind more constant, the windsniffer GER 308 Burschi Haist, Martin Zeileis and Irene Haist did their homework winning the race from the start followed by team KWINDOO GER 1 and in third all the way from Edersee GER 312 with Gernot Heller, Gerhard Auerswald and Frank Gundlach.

During the night the teams went to the Dinner offered by Zipfer and a few brave one later one joined the UYCAs bar for some drinks, and others later one went to Nussdorf for some more fun and dancing, this because the number of young crews and new teams joining the race making it possible to exist a LIFE after the formal social program.

On Saturday same kind weather is expected but teams will get breakfast at the Yacht Club + beer to stay tune.

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