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Open Dutch Championship 17/18 August Location Medemblik

written by Danker Rijk  on  August 23  of  2019 and read by 90

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As usual for an event of this magnitude many Soling-teams were preparing themselves to have a final big event leading to the Worlds to be held in France.
The organization of the event was done by the Dutch class organization and of course we all expected, considered the last experience in Medemblik, nothing but the best.
So did we (team of the NED 48); accommodation hired, planning a few days off from work and the equipment in top shape.

But how things can change!
The weather forecast was not very good and most teams cancelled their registration for the event.
After a lot of hustling it became clear that the ONK (Open Dutch Championship) was cancelled and substituted with a training weekend. The result was that we ended up with 4 boats!

Saturday turned out to be a good sailing day. Of course a stiff breeze, like on Lake Garda in the afternoon, but we enjoyed it very much.
We got good instruction and a lot of tips from our European Champs.
In the evening we had a terrific dinner with interesting discussions about sail and boot trim.

Sunday morning we woke up with rain and a little less stiff breeze.
After the morning instructions we took off in an awakening sun and dry weather.
It resulted in again a perfect day.

Concluding a great weekend but a disappointing ONK.
I hope that our class is evolving from this experience.
And all who cancelled! You all have been missing a great sailing weekend.

Nevertheless many thanks to our Dutch organization for adapting fast and efficient to the situation and off course to RYC Hollandia and the volunteers for their understanding and flexibility. A big applause!!!

NED 48
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Keep up the hood work

Matias Collins

August  23 of 2019