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Increasing SouthWest at the North American Championship

written by Matias Collins  on  August 8  of  2019 and read by 592

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NED 33 leaders at the NA Championship
Archive - Europeans 2019 @ Elena Giolai - CVT

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Two races held today at the NA Champs after a warm welcome speech from regatta chair Marianne Davis, then the Solings were back at the CORK week after the year 2000.
The wind from South West started to fill in and the left side time to time was always paying.

The first race with a solid performance the Kwindoo team GER 1 with Koch, Kling and Neun got the lead and didn't lose it winning the first bullet at Kingston. In second after doing great downwinds after the first weather mark team NED 33 with Den Outer, De Lange and Bosch, and in third CAN 225 with Hall, Hall, McNeil.

The second race the wind increasing was for some teams a big learning curve, one of themn USA 853 already sailing without spinnaker after losing the one in the second downwind of the first race.
Right after the start a nice left came in and many boats where overstanding on the left side CAN 210 with Finch, Findlater and Devries, jumped in front to no lose the leading position ahead again team NED 33 and third CAN 1 with Abbott, Davis and Abbott despite they were affected by the big left roll at the first upwind mark.
The second race was shortened right before the big squall came in, enough time the boats had to reach the Olympic Port and prepare themselves for the rain and wind.

Tomorrow three races are scheduled, and a constant west breeze from west is forecasted.

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