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La Baule looking really good for September

written by Matias Collins  on  July 22  of  2019 and read by 415

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The Fleet sailing at the French coast (La Trinite - 2010)

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The 2019 Soling World Championship has been shaped to be the strongest competition during 2019, besides being held in an iconic venue for the French sailors. A location at the Atlantic Ocean extremely close to the Loire river where most of the medieval castles are located on its route inland towards Tours and Orleans. La Baule being a town where during the summer it gets alive day and night, offshore and inshore including race horse, polo, car racing and all other sports, all dressed with the exquisite French cuisine, day and night and during all possible activity breaks.

The Yacht Club La Baule is excited despite its maritime tradition including holding a former Soling European Championship in the early days and many other great events; The Soling one was the one the first time crew members due to the meteo conditions organized the first an unique strike against the helmspersons, blocking the way out to the ocean to race impossible races, it was a direct message showing the importance crew and team work in a boat are essential and the starting point where the ISA started to consider the hard wet workers not credited in so many classes as being its valuable members, granting them vote at the meetings, making their appearance mandatory at results sheet where not many OA nowadays accomplish, etc.

35 entries from 14 nations including all ones from America which has active Solings in the circuit are a great start two months away from the event. The evet that has not being populated with neither the two stronger fleets in Europe (Germany and Austria), already achieved more countries taking part than the Anniversary worlds in 2015 held in Italy at Castiglione della Pescaia, and also have awaken a great French fleet hibernating along the Leloir (Nantes, Angers) and in Paris.

The event title being defended by current World Champion will see at the race course not less than another 4 past World title crowns and 3 recently European holder, amongst many other runner-up's.

Next July 23 the early entry discount will end and from them those late registrants will start paying 525 Euros instead the current 450 which includes all social scheduled by the YCLB and the FSA.

For the ISA the 14 nations taking part in the event is a great message by only leaving outside the competition the following Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Japan and Australia who actually may enter to compete as they are also active members.

Looking forward to see you in La Baule and during the event at the class annual meetings.

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