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FIN 46 Ekki Heinonen, Gabor Helmhout and Mathias Heinonen European champions

written by Matias Collins  on  June 29  of  2019 and read by 722

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FIN 46 leading a top pack
@Elena Giolai

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Another fantastic sailing day at Lake Garda, like if all possible gods have looked after the teams making them enjoy a fabulous sailing week with the additional of the great social offered by the Circolo Vela Torbole restaurant managed by Babsi (Barbara).

Races for today were pretty much the same as yesterday but those who started well and went to the right made the big gain FIN 46 a bit more in the center, smoked and got the first bullet of the day, followed by AUT 7 with Florian and Michael Felzmann, and Markus Gnan. And in third team HUN 1 with Sandor Varjas, Laszlo Kovasci and Gabor Meretei.

The second race with a crowd more eager to start at the race committee, those able to do it with speed jumped ahead, the wind increased a bit, and once more FIN 46 showed how the ropes are set and gave the first European title to a Carbon mast, the other two remaining in the race had a 18th and a 24th. The second in the race was UKR 1 Igor Yushko, Sergey Pichuguin and Sergey Ivansits followed by HUN 1 who secured their podium place following the champions and ahead of AUT 7 by two points.

Irene Haist the best women placed in the event together with its team finishing at 8th place GER 308 Karl Haist and Martin Zeileis won again the Reloaded trophy.

Nynke Verwoerd, Kai Spruijt, Stijn Kruijt from NED 44 the young team placed in 16th overall were winners of the BSA Young Trophy, and have many more years to compete for it.

The Rien Segaar Torphy was won by GER 2 sailed by Christian Mack, Florian Lautenschlaeger, and Christian Kalhs being the best third from Germany country who got 193 points, against Netherlands with 352 points (and the third was NED 53), or Austria with 369 points (AUT 86) and in fourth Italia with 450 points (ITA 213).

The Dino Schesario Trophy a traditional trophy from Lake Garda will have now engraved the Finish team Ekki, Gabor and Mathias.

The Vincent Manach Trophy was then awarded to Fabio Armellini for his oudtstanding contributuion to the class and event organization at the CVT, his home club.

The Nest European Championship is scheduled for first week of July 2020 in the Northern waters of Warnemunde, Germany.

Many of the boats at the event will also be traveling to the Worlds in La Baule next September –

Complete Results

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The top North American boat CAN 225 <br />@Elena Giolai

The top North American boat CAN 225
@Elena Giolai

GER 308 with Karl Haist, Martin Zeileis and Irene Haist the winner of the Reloaded Trophy.<br />@Elena Giolai

GER 308 with Karl Haist, Martin Zeileis and Irene Haist the winner of the Reloaded Trophy.
@Elena Giolai

<br />Elena Giolai

Elena Giolai

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