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Sun, wind, and really hot, Garda shows what summer has to be

written by Matias Collins  on  June 28  of  2019 and read by 412

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The fabulous downwind battle
@Harald Hilde

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The Race Officer Carmelo Paroli managed to get three more races into the Europeans today, even once after the second race the wind died to later come up again with one last puff that lasted the whole race. The parenthesis gave sailors the opportunity to jump in the water and cool down the 40 degrees that burns during the day and 33 over the night.

It was a difficult day since each race had different situations, the first with a 10 knot stable Ora that made stating and being in the fresh pufs so important, and you could gain either on the right or left side. The Second race the Ora started already lighter, to end up dying right at the mini reach (Gate to Finish).. which NO teams realized the finish were at the Gate due to Shortening, but they caused a big mess amongst the middle pack to the end trying to cross in a no wind situation the original finish line …

After the swimming the Ora came back again and even with better breeze, the race was event at the first beat but then the second and third ones, paid slightly the right not by real angle but pressure.

The first bullet of the day went to the windsniffer GER 308 with Karl Haist, Martin Zeileis and Irene Haist, the second bullet went to SLO 1 with Bostjan Antoncic, Gennadi Strakh and Gregor Rejec, victory extensively celebrated by the Family Antoncic present at the Lake. The third bullet went to UKR 1 with Igor Yushko, Sergey Pichuguin and Sergey Ivansits.

The overall are being contested by 8 different nations amongst the 10 first places, and knocking the door to enter this selected group stays Slovenia. Tomorrow with one race completed the worst results of each team will be discarded.

During the after races, which today was a fabulous pasta and wine there has been some discussion about the youngest crew sailing the event, what amazingly became Christian Cushman from the USA sailing at USA 824 and with 16 years old (FEB) against Maryn Wilkes from Netherlands sailing at NED 49 and also 16 years old (but for later in the Year), bad words says Maryn was allowed to sail at the event by his parents after a good mathematical exam and with the condition to promote the Carbon masts his father makes. NED 49 with Han Van Veen, Maryn and Nickel Koch today showed their learning curve increase a lot after have finished 23, 16 and 11, not a bad result for an old pink boat with a nice new mast Maryn would agree without hesitation.

Tomorrow two more races are planned at the same starting time and after the sailors will have their Gala Dinner at the CVT.

The event is sponsored by Trentino Garda and Nautica Negroni
And races can be followed live using KWINDOO free application (Live View) available at Apple Sore and Google

Below the complete results that will be updated after some protests are resolved.
Complete Results

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The rounding with not so much wind<br />@Harald Hilde

The rounding with not so much wind
@Harald Hilde

FIN 46 defending the yellow jacket<br />@Harald Hilde

FIN 46 defending the yellow jacket
@Harald Hilde

The crossing<br />@Harald Hilde

The crossing
@Harald Hilde

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Gala Dinner postponed on June 28

Matias Collins

June  28 of 2019