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Perfect day at Garda for the Europeans

written by Matias Collins  on  June 26  of  2019 and read by 915

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@ Sylvain Notournier

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Two races with a normal Ora that came a bit late with 12 to 13 knots, sunny, hot flat water making the most of Lake Garda to welcome the Soling sailors from the 12 different nations and two continents, South America the biggest missing at the race course.

FIN 46 with Ekki Heinonen, Gabor Helmhout and Mathias Heinonen took the lead showing their training, their experience and also making the advertising of the new Carbon Mast in the Soling class, They took the first bullet, sailing at the left side of the course, those in the right side got into trouble. GER 308 with Karl Haist, Martin Zeileis and Irene haist super happy were the runner up at this race, too many races at Lake Garda, the nose to find the right spot and go fast, no matter how light they were overboard. In third AUT 7 with Florian Felzmann, Michael Felzmann and Markus Gnan .

The Second race, racing through the middle were also ok and HUN 1 current European Champions and ‘daddy' status Sandor Varjas, Laszlo Kovasci and Gabor Meretei taking the bullet, followed by CAN 225 Peter Hall, William Hall and Martin Robitaile, showing their speed and in third came FIN 46.

4 Carbon Masts started, but one had the ball of the main halyard not crimped and had to switch back to the Aluminum, losing the first race. One won the race and the other two in the middle of the fleet.

ITA 241 Fabio Armellini, Atillia Pappini and Nicola Armellini went fishing to pick-up Atillia who swam a little bit, the same happened to NED 38 with Bram Soethoudt, Eric Hoeboer and Sjors Hersberg.

After the perfect day it was not a perfect mooring time, very difficult and most of crews not used with the long lines got the rudder and keel stuck. Brave Anna and Susanne, Simon, Kondo Wataru all in the water helping out the mess and freeing their boats.

The debut of the young team leaded by lady Nynke Verwoerd together with the brothers Kai and Stjin Spruijt was awesome finishing the first race 13 and then even with troubles with the spinnaker managing to get a 27.

Tonight sailors will be welcomed with a Italian Barbecue and tomorrow three races are set.

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Matias Collins

June  27 of 2019

George Wossala

June  26 of 2019