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Garda shine for the Soling Europeans

written by Matias Collins  on  June 26  of  2019 and read by 346

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The best of its weather, the sailor were welcome today after second day of boat inspection with another hot day, sun and the typical afternoon breeze where many boats went to the water to practice. Later a pasta party to welcome all those who have sailed while some still had much work to be done.

For the first time since the European Championship in 2011 we will see a gorgeous lady steering in the class again, if was not enough LEADING a young team that barely have finished University if not still taken exams!! They come from Netherlands Mrs. Nynke Verwoerd, Kai Spruijt and Stijn Kruijt who have started to sail the Soling in 2019 and already make their debut.

One team that drove all the way from Norway is also making its debut at International competition NOR 111, Christian Rieder, Kjell Arnes Haakonsen and Jens Andresen they don't qualify neither to the Reloaded trophy nor the BSA Young one but fur sure party are written in their names, enjoying by bike the nices rides in the town of Garda.

Top teams are favorites like HUN 77 with George Wossala, Christoph Wossala and Constantin Wossala sailing in Family at a very well known lake, CAN 225 with Peter Hall, William Hall and Martin Robitaille, HUN 1 Sandor Varjas, Laszlo Kovascki and Gabor Meretei, both Gabor and Sandor with an interesting debut recent daddy racers, one could not avoid the night duties and have some task after sailing during the nights, the other “younger” won't give names, run away for a 5 day without dipers !!! We could not miss the former Olympians FIN 46 with Ekki Heinonen, Gabor Helmhout and Mathias Heinonen or UKR 1 with Igor Yushko, Sergey Pichuguin and Sergey Ivansits, SLO 1 with Bostjan Antoncic, Gennadi Strakh and Gregor Reject to name many but not all since the list would go a little bit longer with three World Champions, and various European Champions.

The local ones will give battle, ITA 259 with the brothers Mafezzoli, they at least don't want to lose the lake contest amongst the sailors from Como (ITA 252 with Alberto and Marco de Amicis and Manulli or the team from Lake Iseo ITA 213 Campagnoni, Arata and crew)

Only one boat missing to inspect for tomorrow morning, a boat with ByPass and around 1100hs the event inauguration followed by races at 1300hs and a Pasta party after the ones.

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