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Kwindoo The European Championship & the Soling Class

written by Roman Koch  on  June 18  of  2019 and read by 295

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Kwindoo and the French , both competing at the past 2018 Worlds in Buenos Aires, prmoting the events in 2019
@Jorge Cousillas

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A warm welcome to the Soling-Europeans in Torbole, one of the best sailing-spots in the world.

Nearly all sailing-classes are suffering in losing people, who quit sailing, or/and get no younger or/and new people into the class.
In the same time, the politics involving sailing and other sports management makes it harder to get POSITIV attention for our wonderful sport, which is quite invisible.
Some classes are using extremely high tech equipment to show the world, how great our sport - and specially this class - is, what ends sometimes in a bankruptcy of the class as we see that moment in some classes. They used an unbelievable amount of money and finally nothing worked out.
Other classes are using diverse tracking devices - what is very expensive and MUST be paid by the sailors or sponsors... but sponsors are rare - and get some attention in big regattas.
Also our fantastic class is suffering and so we made an agreement with KWINDOO, who offers a high quality tool on a smartphone, which we tested one season and made it now possible to use with a change in the class rules, also mandatory in some class events.
In other classes and regattas this service costs different amounts of money BUT the Soling Class get this service - including analytics, self tracking and others - for FREE!
Now we can make our class and sport visible to family, friends, clubs AND other publics BUT we should follow the event rules and use the app accordingly.

There is always a discussion about the phone costs, but in Europe, roaming is free and so it is NO problem for Europeans sailing the European Championship.
It could be a problem for teams from overseas, who have no special contract with their simm cards in Europe (and other way around).
But you still can use the Kwindoo app without additional costs due the data roaming:
- download the KWINDOO-tracking-app NOW while at home under your wifi.
- register with your email and a selected password
- before coming to Europe/EU, put data roaming off in the phone settings to avoid using the data when app is running.

IN Europe
- login to the clubs wifi
- start tracking at the event
- after coming back to the club:
start wifi; your race-data will be uploaded to KWINDOO and you wil be at the race track and can watch youself in the replay.
note if did not upload automatically, go to settings and click on Force to Upload (must be connected to the club, hotel, cafe wifi

So you will be able to use your smartphone for calls and so on , but Kwindoo won't consume your DATA plan purchased!.

So please follow the rules, help to spread the possibility of VISIBLE racing in your social media account and inform your friends.
Have fun, enjoy racing and friends... have a good time in Lago di Garda

Safe travels, prepare for a fantastic sailing time at the Europeans

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