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Two exciting days in Lovere for the Vittorio Porta Trophy.

written by Fabio Armellini  on  June 17  of  2019 and read by 139

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The fleet at Lake Iseo with GER 2 leading

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Few days before weather forecasting were for rain without wind; but up there something changed and incredibly we had two sunny and windy days. The participants were the same of last year and so has been also for the winner: GER 2 with Christan Mack, Florian Lautenschlager and Thomas Fabry.
Italian fleet was very combative and ITA 213 (with the local crew: Michele Campagnoni, Federico Campagnoni e Davide Arata) always conduced the race till to the end when the German crew caught the Trophy in the last downwind leg. Third was ITA 241 with Fabio Armellini, Attilia Papini and Nicola Armellini and fourth ITA 252 with Alberto De Amicis, Massimo Bonifaccio and Marco De Amicis. In fifth position the good crew of ITA 194 with Massimo Cattaneo, Antonio Gorgolione and Marco Zanardi.
Race conditions have been quite difficult with sudden reduction of wind force followed by strong gusts. A triple "hurrà" for the President of Avas and his coworkers who have been able to create a real familiar climate with plenty of food, beer and wine. During the event the President Lino Locatelli dedicated a particular speech to Vittorio Porta, sail champion and secretary of the Italian Soling Class for 20 years.

After the race 4 of the boats packed to be ready to transport for the next European Championship at the neighbor lake (Garda).

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