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Reschensee event Alpen Cup cancelled

Despite the great number of entries , the Reschensee lake has not enough water level to hold their event Alpen Cup just before the Europeans; Therefore the Alpen cup was cancelled !!



2019 Worlds in La Baule, NOR released

Dear Sailors the Notice of Race of the 2019 Worlds in La Baule was released, soon an article about it.
check the one at:
Notice of Race



2018 Meeting Minutes & accounts published

Dear ISA Members the 2018 Meeting Minutes are already published.
Also they are ready to download in pdf format from the class website at .
Next ISA meetings will be held at La Baule during the World Championship next September
Download 2018 Minutes


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To start or not to start, that's the question

written by Nicky  van Zon  on  May 31  of  2019 and read by 216

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Going back to the harbour...

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All elements of competition sailing were included during the weekend of 25 and 26 May in Muiden. On Saturday morning all boats were in the water and prepared for racing, however, the wind was very minimum. The racing committee postponed the races and we had an extra cup of coffee. After a while some boats couldn't handle the situation in the harbour and decided to go on the water.
Soling sailors, as many other sailors, are just like animals living in a herd, if one goes the rest will follow ... But the question was still remaining; will there be a start or not? On the water boats were training, testing new sails (and some old) so all used the day as best they could. Later in the afternoon the racing committee did a brave attempt to start a first race. All signals where there that it could happen; starting line in position, boats moving around marks etc. But some of the competitors had a "Muiden World Championship 2018 déjà-vu". At the end of the afternoon the racing committee made the decision, no racing today and all boats were towed back to the harbour.

Fortunately the wind forecast for the Sunday was a lot better so everybody was looking forward to the next day. And yes, nature acted according to the forecast and there was sufficient wind to start a race. Spot on time, the Muiden crew knows how to organize things, the first race started. Good breeze, good sailing and good competition, battles where delivered for every centimetre of the course. This is how competition sailing should be! But, also according the forecast, the wind speed increased in the afternoon and sailing became harder during the second race. Some boats had difficulties, a Chinese gybe or reduced the risk and didn't hoist a spinnaker. But others had more severe problems and had to abandon the race.
Because of the reduced amount of boats on the water and the wind speed still increasing the question came back; to start or not to start? The racing committee answered the question for us and no third race was started.

Although we had only two races this weekend we can look back at a well-organized and pleasant weekend, thanks to the Muiden racing committee. The wind we cannot change but we've enjoyed the sailing and the competition. The results show that the young kids (NED 44) can handle a Soling with a well-deserved third place, congratulations! And of course for Ben Boogaerdt (NED 37) congratulations with his second place and Bram Soethoudt (NED 38) winning first place.

Crew NED 49
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