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2019 ISA Meetings Agenda released

The 51st Annual General Meeting & 81st Committee Meeting of the International Soling Association will be held at YCLB, La Baule, France, 23 & 24 September of 2019 after the Worlds races from 1730-1930 hs.
Find the agenda at the link.
Looking forward to see you at La Baule.
Meeting Papers Page


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Team Bossa Nova winners at the International Trophy - Friendship Cup

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The champions team Bossa Nova - Dodao Nehm, Marcos Ribeiro and Alexandre Mueller
@VDS - Pedebos

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The 8 teams which passed to the gold medal race to be held on Sunday, kept waiting after the press conference for the wind, on 1530 the finals were abandoned and the final qualifier position were kept as final standings of the event crowning team BRA 73 Bossa Nova with George Nehm, Marcos P. Ribeiro and Alexandre Mueller the champions of the International Trophy and Friendship cup.

In second came team ARG 32 with Gustavo Warburg, Alejandro Chometowski and Tomas Roldan and in third another Argentine team ARG 34 with Martin Busch, Diego Cappagli and Diego Weppler.
The Fourth place was kept by BRA 45 with Kadu Bergenthal, Eduardo Cavalli and Renan Oliveira and the fifth by BRA 78 Nelson Ilha, Manfredo Floricke and Vilnei Goldmeier

After all boats were houled out (only 8) The prize giving were handed out by the VDS commodore Cicero Hartmann , and sailors were gathered around the beer and a nice meat sandwiches prepared by the club catering. Later agroup or Argentine sailors left to the airport and other international ones went home by car in a nice 13hs drive trip ...

It was a great test for this new format of event a full report will be presented at the meeting and published here soon. The ISA congratulates the event OA (VDS) its RO and staff and all 16 teams involved in the cup.

Complete Results

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Returning to the class team ARG 38 - Notthebom , Araujo and Tumulty<br />@VDS - Pedebos

Returning to the class team ARG 38 - Notthebom , Araujo and Tumulty
@VDS - Pedebos

GER 1 Roman Koch, Simon Zeh and Nicolas Mueller<br />@VDS - Pedebos

GER 1 Roman Koch, Simon Zeh and Nicolas Mueller
@VDS - Pedebos

The boats hoisting<br />VDS Pedebos

The boats hoisting
VDS Pedebos

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