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Reschensee event Alpen Cup cancelled

Despite the great number of entries , the Reschensee lake has not enough water level to hold their event Alpen Cup just before the Europeans; Therefore the Alpen cup was cancelled !!



2019 Worlds in La Baule, NOR released

Dear Sailors the Notice of Race of the 2019 Worlds in La Baule was released, soon an article about it.
check the one at:
Notice of Race



2018 Meeting Minutes & accounts published

Dear ISA Members the 2018 Meeting Minutes are already published.
Also they are ready to download in pdf format from the class website at .
Next ISA meetings will be held at La Baule during the World Championship next September
Download 2018 Minutes


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International Trophy – Friendship Cup

Random Name

The fleet rounding the mark
@ VDS - Pedebos

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Celebrating 20 years of Soling Class in Porto Alegre, the Veleiros Do Sul organized a different championship, mostly invitational to the friends that started to sail 20 years ago in the class in South America.
The Club through its owners provided the boats, the guests flew, drove or just convinced their wives to give a shot back to sail the Soling once more.

In a format in which teams were changing boats, from a floating pontoon based in the support boat, Addendum Q being used with Sailor's as judges and an extremely shifty wind with gust up to 15 knots and many patches, we can't forget to call the rain and the low temperatures, a nice combo for a first try out. Off course L flags flew in between the races, like in Match Racing, boats needed to be fixed, a block, a line, a nut, whatever, every team was exposed to the same situation.

Odecio Adam the permanent staff from the VDS in charge of the Race Officials, despite starting late due to the heavy rain, managed to complete round robin number 1 of the event, three races for each competitor.

Tomorrow hope for better weather and also to complete the round robin 2 of the qualifying series and possible a tie brake race amongst even and odd team numbers finishing a total of 7 races to each. The best 5 will go direct to the Gold medal race, from 6 to 13th to race a single race in which the top three join the Gold fleet and the rest the Silver fleet in its medal race.

The team that had the best score at the day was BRA 88 with Lucas Ostergreen, Carlos Trein and Roger Lamb with a 2,2,3 in second BRA 73 George Nehm, Marcos Ribeiro and Alexandre Mueller with finishes 1,1,6 and in third too many boats, but braking the tie current world Champion ARG 32 Gustavo Warburg, Alejandro Chometowski and Tomas Roldan with 1,5,2

During the night sailors were received at the club barbeque place and had a nice evening with beer, beef and salad.

Start for tomorrow is scheduled at 1000 am. But before there will be a briefing.

Complete Results

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About to round the mark<br />@ VDS - Pedebos

About to round the mark
@ VDS - Pedebos

<br /> @VDS - Pedebos

@VDS - Pedebos

<br />@VDS - Pedebos

@VDS - Pedebos

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