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First day of racing, three races held at the 2013 Europeans
After the big seas of Saturday a long and difficult day took place today for the 21 teams of the 2013 European Championship in Castiglione della Pescaia.

Three races were sailed in a dumpy sea with a 1,5 kn current from W to E. Race 1 started in a 6 knots 275 breeze that rounded to the left during the race: GER 328 Michael Ditezel rounded in first followed by UKR 1 but in the second run an incredible corner to the left gave to CAN 225 Peter Hall the first victory on Roman Koch GER 1 and Dietzel. The race was shortened to the second downwind gate.

After a long waiting race 2 starter with a 195 5 knots breeze. The left side looks initially nice but a wind shift to 215 awarded the righty pack with USA 832 Charlie Kamps going to win on GER 318 Heino Schuckmann and ESP 247 Guillermo Parodi, that recovered from an ocs going deep right in the first beat.

Finally the forecasted Mistral entered the race area with a 12 knots breeze at 5 PM to start race 3. The pin group (GER 1 Koch, CAN 225 Hall and ITA 251 Tognozzi) rounded in order the top mark but all were called ocs at the end of the race, so the last winner of the day was GER 308 Karl Haist on Schuckmann and NED 33 Den Outer. Fourth was AUT 1 Christian Holler, that took an early lead in the Championship with a 6-5-4 on Schuckmann 12-2-2 (but pending protest against him by the IJ in race 3) and UKR 1 Yushko-Pichugin-Yarmolenko 4-4-9.

The EC look very even with a lot of highs and lows. Monday SE wind is expected again to sail races 4 and 5. The long day in the Tyrrenian sea (8 hours) ended in style with the beach party at Bar Skipper, with lots of food, Heineken beer, wines, music and dancing.

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Article wrote by Michele Tognozzi
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Sunday  March  31 of 2013
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Friday  May  25 of 2018